Tuesday, September 7, 2010

We are sinner.

The Prophet of Allah salallahu alayhi wasalaam said, "If you did not commit sins, Allaah would sweep you out of existence and replace you by another people who would commit sins, ask for Allaah's forgiveness and He would forgive them."



Allah subhanhu wa ta'ala is happy to forgive you, if you ask. Prophet Muhammad salallahu alayhi wasalaam said, “Allaah is happier when a servant of His repents to Him than a man who was on his camel in a waterless desert and the camel escaped from him with his food and water. When he has lost hope of finding it, he retired to a tree and lied down under its shade. As he was there, the camel suddenly appeared in front of him..." (Muslim) The hadith goes on, but the point is that Allah is happier than the guy who was about to die a slow, horrible death, and then just like that his whole life came back to him. SubhanAllah!

We sin. That's a given. Prophet Muhammad salallahu alayhi wasalaam said, "Every son of Adam is a sinner, and the best of sinners are those who repent constantly". (Ibn Majah, Tirmizi, Darimi) Without even trying, without even intending or knowing because of our lack of the knowledge we are obliged to seek, we sin and without Allah's forgiveness, we'd be doomed. To Hell.

Asked though, Allah would forgive. And He would be so happy to do it.

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